Great product!

I stumbled upon your YouTube video for the Aerobroach while looking for hinge slot cutting tips. I just had to show it to my wife because I was complaining about cutting slots manually earlier in the evening.  I received a “That’s nice honey” and was sent on my way.  A few days later a package arrived in the mail and much to my surprise it was my very own Aerobroach set!  I instantly ran to my shop to give it a go on some scrap, even without measuring I ended up with a perfectly straight hinge slot! Later I used it to clean up my hack job #11 slots and was really impressed with the results. Great tool for a great price!

Andrew G.

Hi Eric,

Glad to say the AeroBroach shipment arrived today, Tuesday 16th December here in Australia, in the post.  I have already had a play at cutting hinge slots & I have to say I absolutely love cutting hinge slots with the AeroBroach, it is so easy,
neat & quick.  I have a meeting this Friday Night with the Scale Aircraft Society Of South Australia at which time I will demonstrate the AeroBroach & will be at my local club on Saturday & will also demonstrate the AeroBroach to the club members.

Thank you.

John W


Just gave them a try…..SWEET! I’ve been building models for 40+ years, and hinging has always been tedious! Not now. Man what a time and aggravation saver! Great idea and great execution of the idea! Guess what my modeling buddies are gonna’ get for Christmas? Thanks again.

Carl S.
Indianapolis, IN


Just received the set this morning, nice quality! Just made a hinge slot in a solid 3/16″ vertical stabilizer. Ever heard the phrase – ‘like a hot knike thru butter’? I like your tool better than the electric slotter I have. Gets into tighter spaces, like where the last outboard hinge is next to a wing tip, electric tool won’t go in there. Thank You!

Trimcraft Aviation RC

I am a believer!!!

I received the hinge slotting tools today. I don’t have anything ready for hinging right now so I grabbed a good hard piece of scrap balsa and gave them a try. I have been building model aircraft for 52 years and have never found a hinge slotting system that works as good as AeroBroach. It is much faster and easier than anything else I have ever tried. I am a believer!!! I will most definitely be showing this system to my modeling buddies.

The piece of balsa I used for this trial run was much harder that anything I would actually use for building so I know it will be even better when I use it on an airplane.

Bill H.